Learn about mantra meditation and add it to your daily life. Experience the wonderful benefits it brings to our health, well-being, and ourselves. Through meditation, you will be able to lead a much more joyful and satisfying life and be more resilient to the stress and chaos of modern life.

Mantra meditation is a method originating from the ancient Vedic tradition and passed down from generation to generation. It is particularly recommended for the times we currently live in. It is practiced by millions of people around the world who experience its remarkable effects every day.

Benefits of regular meditation:

  • brings peace and satisfaction as well as inner joy and fulfillment
  • relaxes the body and accelerates regeneration processes
  • provides relief for the mind
  • alleviates stress and negative emotions
  • improves emotional stability
  • improves mood
  • strengthens the immune system
  • supports insomnia therapy
  • supports creativity
  • helps maintain clarity of thought and making good decisions
  • facilitates being "here and now"
  • increases acceptance and self-confidence
  • increases empathy and spontaneity and improves interpersonal relationships
  • helps overcome addictions
  • helps maintain intellectual fitness for longer

The program:

  • Three very easy, effective, and enjoyable mantra meditation techniques that you can successfully use on your own after the first session
  • Practical meditation sessions with each of the techniques learned
  • Practical aspects of meditation in daily life – we will provide guidance on how to incorporate meditation into your daily life, even if you have little time
  • Questions and answers

How to prepare to the session:

Dress comfortably and bring a positive attitude :)

You are very welcome to come!

The class is conducted in English.


Tuesday, November 21st, 2023, at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


School of Meditation and Self-realization in Lublin
68a Lubartowska Street, venue number U4, 20-094 Lublin
In the premises where the classes take place, we take our shoes off :)

How to find us?
A new block at the back, between 64 & 68 on Lubartowska Street. The premises are on the ground floor in the right corner. The entrance is at the back (you have to walk around the building). There used to be a gym (Time for Fit) there.


Phone: 798 034 713 (Maja)

Free of charge


Note: If you do not feel well or have symptoms of sickness/a cold/sore throat, etc., please do not come to our center so that others won't be put at risk of getting infected.

About the instructor

With a background in naturopathy and kinesiology, Maja is a passionate musician, meditation instructor, relaxation and mindfulness practitioner. She also applies her experience in working with stress, the mind, and emotions in her classes. She has been an instructor at the School of Meditation and Self-realization in Lublin for around 5 years. She combines her love for music and meditation by conducting various workshops and sessions, including musical meditations. Meditation has been a part of her life since she was very young.